Strategic Plan

What is a strategic plan, and why do I care? 

Our strategic plan was created by the Hertfordshire Students' Union Board of Trustees, to set out an overview of what your SU is going to do - for you - over the next few years.  It's based on your feedback.  For example, you told us you wanted a broader variety of student events - so we've done that (see our Nightlife listing for a full overview).

How was this plan developed?

We started with extensive student feedback - through our surveys, the University's surveys, our face to face and written feedback, issues submitted to our Advice Centre, comments left on our social media - we left no stone unturned! We consolidated all of this information and from it, a picture of what our students wanted out of us and university in general emerged.  And that is our strategic plan!

Where can I read this plan?

Click here to view!

What if I have comments or feedback on the plan?

Email us - we'd love to hear from you!




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