Uno Bus 2016 Review

Uno Bus is subject to a periodic review from Herforshire Students' Union. During December 2015, 300 students and staff members at the University of Hertfordshire completed a survey regarding the Uno Bus service. The results of this survey were combined with further evidence that the Students' Union has recieved to make a series of recommendations to Uno Bus, which can be seen below.


  • Uno should continue to work on its communication methods to students and service users, regarding improvements and investments to its services
  • Uno to continue the work it has already done in training its staff and drivers to improve the customer service
  • Uno to continue to improve its ‘helpline’ methods such as Twitter and email to ensure effective service recovery
  • Review all ticket prices available on its routes, to ensure they are competitive and affordable and ensure adequate student ticket prices are available across all of its routes
  • Investigate the effectiveness of its tracking systems, with possibility of investment to improve this system and the Intalink app, so to ensure live updates are provided effectively to its service users, with emphasis on students

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For any questions about Uno Bus or the 2016 Review, please contact the Vice President Democracy and Services Grainne O'Monghain at

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