Trustee Board


The Trustee Board of Hertfordshire Students' Union is responsible for ensuring that as an organisation, we are well run, have an effective strategic plan, our finances are secure and that we operate within the Law. Day to day management and operations of the organsation are delegated to the Chief Executive who is charged with brining the strategy to life. 

Who sits on the Trustee Board?

The Trustee Board is made up of:

  • Officer Trustees - each of the Full Time Officers are Trustees of Hertfordshire Students' Union.
  • 3 Student Trustees - students elected through a cross campus election.
  • 4 External Trustees - External members who bring experience and expertise to the board

Officer Trustees

Grainne O'Monghain - President - Chair of the Trustee Board

Annabel Mabin - Vice President Student Activities

Ciara Spillane – Vice President Education and Welfare

Shelby Loasby – Vice President Communications and Media

Cynthia Ekezie – Vice President Democracy and Services

Student Trustees

Joseph Emmerson

Bethal Haimanot


External Trustees 

Khalad Hussain - Deputy Chair of the Trustee Board

Simon Petar

Chris Kitchin

Meetings of The Trustee Board



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