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Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

Image for Manasa Goparaju

Manasa Goparaju

Why are you interested in being elected, and what makes you an outstanding candidate for NUS Delegate in particular?

As an Elected member of NUS delegates, I will have the chance to represent the University at a National level and work towards the changes we’d like to see. I decided to run for this position because I am a person who speaks up when something isn’t right. I strive for betterment and change for good. I am passionate about the impact that this role has on the students well being and university experience overall. My qualities will make me a fit for this role and I believe now more than ever, it’s important to plan and make better policies.

What relevant skills/experience would you be able to bring to the role?

I will work towards making positive changes for the University and the students. Along with the other elected officers, I will adapt a powerful mindset to solve problems. I believe when people step up and collaborate any problem is solvable. That said, I will bring teamwork, better decision-making and enthusiasm to the role.

What would you consider to be your main strengths?

I am confident and truly believe in what I stand for. I am realistic and an honest person.

What would you consider to be your main weaknesses?

I sometimes can be too straight forward. While some people appreciate it, some might not.

Introduce yourself! What should students know about you?

Myself Manasa Goparaju and I want to be an NUS delegate. I feel like my own experiences in various leadership positions in School and College, gave me an incredible understanding towards being a leader. I work with passion and responsibility. I work towards balance and betterment.

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