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Candidate for the position of Vice President Community

Image for Prosasti Ganguly

Prosasti Ganguly

Why are you interested in becoming an Elected Officer, and what makes you an outstanding candidate for VP Community in particular?

I believe I would be the ideal fit for the VP Community role as I have served in the Student Union as the General Sectary in my college. Apart from that, I have been the President of B.A. programme society. Being a Peer Assistant Learning Leader, I get the opportunity to interact with a lot of students and realise their difficulties. I am confident that I can work seamlessly within the Student Union to make an even better-quality year for the students. Blending in different communities has always been my strength since I am fluent in over six different languages. I chose to stand for VP Community because I am passionate about the impact that student community can have on one's experience and I wanted to promote this as much as possible also my past experiences and new learnings will help me relate more with the students.

What relevant skills/experience would you be able to bring to the role?

During my PAL sessions I realised that students feel comfortable to share their minds with me. In this role, I imagine it is imperative to have the student trust and because of my approachable personality and empathic temperament students are able to trust me. My strong public speaking skills aid me to be an effective leader and can comfortably convince people to work with me in a team. I have the ability to drive the CHANGE and take initiative even if it requires to face challenges. A sabbatical officer is required to not only speak their mind but also the minds of people around them; therefore, I will make sure I do all that I can to make all the students feel represented.

What would you consider to be your main strengths?

I am an enthusiastic person with strong public speaking skills. I worked for three consecutive years as the Student Editor and won the ‘best creative editor’ award. I feel I am a very determined person and make sure I accomplish what I commit. I am a potent observer, and this helps me to understand any situation better and solve the problem appropriately. Hence, work incredibly well in conflict situations and have strong convincing power.

What would you consider to be your main weaknesses?

In the past I have slightly struggled in the situations where my work was lagging on the timescale and the deadline to finished it was near-term. Although, I have worked genuinely hard to keep myself calm in situations like these and stay focused and work flawlessly instead of panicking.

Introduce yourself! What should students know about you?

I am fun, friendly and a bit nerdy. I relish reading, music and I thrive around people. I am pursuing MSc. International Business. In my undergrad years I served as the General Secretary of my college and also was the student editor there for which I was awarded as the ‘Best Creative Writer’. I am passionate about people and enjoy working in social settings. I always have an optimistic outlook get inspired by others.

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