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Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

Image for Ali Jinsar

Ali Jinsar

Why are you interested in being elected, and what makes you an outstanding candidate for NUS Delegate in particular?

Students have disproportionately suffered during the pandemic. Therefore, I believe voices of Herts student community should be echoed while policies are being discussed on a national level. I consider myself an appropriate candidate for this role as I’ll be asking NUS to keep demanding more from the government on the following,

Unavailability of Resources:
Due to the pandemic, current students have faced significant barriers in terms of accessing necessary technology for their studies in a blended/online learning environment. It includes unavailability of internet to low-specs devices. I’ll address this concern which has affected student ability performing in their academics.

Better Support for International Students:
Being an International student, I know how most of them have been affected by the pandemic on issues related to housing and fee payment issues. I will address my concern over lack of financial support and scholarships.

What relevant skills/experience would you be able to bring to the role?

In these couple of years at Herts, I have worked in team/group work which has improved my individual contribution towards achieving a common goal. Therefore, I can bring up team work and interpersonal skills on the table.

Spending some time on researching any topic and noting down key points beforehand is another skill which I have learnt at UH and I can bring forward this attribute while undertaking this role.

Being a student representative at my college helped me in empowering others by solving their issues relevant to my domain. This has enhanced my Leadership skills and can be utilised further for high value success.

What would you consider to be your main strengths?

I consider myself an analytical and critical thinker as I try to understand the situation first before concluding.

I am keen on time management as I like to plan things early rather than leaving them for late.

I am an effective listener which helps me in providing adequate input if suggestions are required.

What would you consider to be your main weaknesses?

Sometimes I feel like there’s lack of patience in me which leads to bad decision making.

I have trouble saying no to requests which sometimes results in taking up a lot of “me time.”

Being passionate to solve problems on my own, I feel like I miss out on options of asking for help.

Introduce yourself! What should students know about you?

Hey Everyone,
I’m Jinsar Ali, an International undergraduate student studying LLB at Herts.

Lockdown and the pandemic has forced me to miss simple things in life, like going out with friends at the Forum. Unbeatable experience – in the middle of exam season studying late night at the LRC.

I love making new friends and to learn about different cultures. One of my main hobby is to explore and visit adventurous places, especially living in the

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