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Candidate for the position of St John Ambulance LINKS - Training Coordinator



Training Saves Lives!

I have been the Training Lead for the past year. Each week, I have had to organise with individuals to come and teach certain sessions and organised which days these will be happening on, on top of this I have had to write a training programme for the coming semester as to what will be taught to ensure that all the essential topics are taught first, and other minor injuries and conditions which will be seen out on duty, taught later in the year around the times of the Trainee First Aider and First Aider courses were. It has been challenging as I have worked from scratch, not knowing a lot about the training side within St John Ambulance, to now knowing a fair amount. In this time, I have had to refresh myself with what First Aiders need to be taught. However, it has also been the most rewarding and best jobs ever. I have loved every minute of learning what needs to be taught and see the evening go so well. It has just been a joy.

If I am nominated for this role, I will be on top of this. I know everything that needs to be taught. I will ensure that topics are taught on relevant nights such as Burns are taught before bonfire night. As I have been involved in training for the past year, I have a training programme already written up, what day it was taught and by whom. So I would ensure I use this as the basis for next year's training programme. I will be more on top of it as I would have had a year in this position.

I am very enthusastic about training and love to teach. I have been teaching life-saving skills for many years now and just love being able to pass my own experiences and knowledge onto everyone else to make them the best First Aider they could be. I do take people's comments and opinions on board, with the training programme and would welcome any suggestions on how to improve or what to do differently on the training. As a Student Nurse, I am forever teaching Health Care Assistants, other Student Nurses and even some Nurses on areas they may not be familiar with or if things have changed since they were training. Training is in everything we do and this is why I am passionate about it.

I would love to be your training Lead again for another year. Please vote for me :)

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