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Candidate for the position of Vice President Services



The change we need –The voice we deserve -- #1 for Vice President Democracy and Services

About me

I'm Luke, a third-year Business School student. I've been a student rep for 2 years, currently the Business School student representative on Student Council and a member of a number of societies (including LGBT)..I'm also in my 3rd year as a student ambassador, all of this gives me the opportunity to understand the needs of the students I'll be representing as VP Democracy and Services. 

Why I'm standing 

I believe University should be the best time of our lives and that the SU have a responsibility to make it the best time. I want to ensure the services provided to the student body are the best in the country and that you have the opportunity to voice your opinions no matter what the situation. 



Enhance Student Representation 

Student Representatives are a fundamental part of the SU and the University and as such, I plan to continue to develop the system to ensure your reps are the best they can be and your voice they are representing is heard. I also plan to improve communication between everyone involved and enhance the social aspect of student reps. To find out more click HERE 



High priced accommodation = High priced expectations 

I plan to work with the University to ensure on-campus accommodation issues that arose last September do not happen again in which many students were left in temporary accommodation or hotels. Throughout the year, I plan to introduce a system which allows students to rate their accommodation so future students have a better understanding of what the Uni offers. To find out more click HERE  




Develop services 

I want to work with Food Hertfordshire to improve the restaurants on both campus' but also push for later closing times for the De Havilland one as students on campus for later lecturers can not get hot food without going to College Lane. I also plan to conduct a full review into the forum to ensure they are offering what students want, to ensure it is the best student nightlife facility. To find out more click HERE  



Improve Uno Services 

I want to work with Uno to continue to improve the services they offer by making them much more accountable to the student body. I also want to work with them to ensure there are no more issues with the shuttle service as it makes far too many students late for lectures. I'll do this by conducting a full review into the shuttle service during the summer to recommend improvements  To find out more click HERE   



I've created a website so you can view all of my manifesto without a word limit and see my other pledges as well! View it here voteluke.webs.com

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