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Candidate for the position of President


My name is Rakeyne Ahmed and I am a final year law student of this university. I am a very social individual and spending time in this institution for four years and engaging with people from different countries and cultures, I am confident my policies would reflect exactly what the students require. Abiding by the motto “actions speak louder than words” I believe in working effectively to get the job done in the shortest time span and satisfying the demands of the students.

Being actively involved with the students and in regards to the de hav campus, students often face difficulties in finding a suitable parking space which the university lacks. Therefore I wish to formulate a plan coordinating with the university administration to create more car parking space which would greatly benefit the students.

The second issue which arises is the selling price of alcohol in the forum, which is known to be rather expensive. In order to ensure students enjoy to their maximum abilities, I wish to ensure more offers are available in the forum which would be in turn cheaper for students to purchase.

My final issue is in regards to enhancing the study scope for students in the university. If students wish to access their timetables, lecture slides, assignment due dates etc. Students are required to log into study net, therefore in order amplify the experience I wish to make an initiative to create a study net app which would make it much easier for students to access their timetables, lecture slides in a much shorter period of time.

Being a Law student, I have acquired the ability to negotiate and be an effective diplomat in the most crucial situations as well as withstanding pressure. Therefore I believe I would be suitable for the role of the presidency and be able to carry out my duties and demands of the students effectively.


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