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Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



Trust ELEANOR MACFARLANE for Student Trustee. Thanks for your vote.

About me

I’m studying the fascinating Msc Psychology conversion part-time. I already have a BA and MA in fine art, and heartily agree with lifelong learning, continual development, and bringing together disciplines. When I studied before I had a young family, and so didn’t have the time for extra things. Now my children are older, I wanted to get involved in the University experience, and so I have been Student Rep this year. I’ve been actually a bit surprised at how well the Student Rep system works – it really is the key of communication between students and staff. I am also an Academic Peer Mentor in another great scheme run by the University.

What I can bring to the role

The Student Trustee role interest me because it’s another bridge between the University and its population. I hope to contribute the voice of my fellow students and the views and skills I have acquired over the years in work and creative practice, while learning a new kind of thing for me.

I understand the Trustee board oversees strategy, finance and governance of the Student Union, and that the Student Trustee role is to ensure the best interest of the students – I find that vital as so often the personal experience can be lost in institutions. No matter how smoothly University systems are run, there is always a need to adapt - there is usually something that will crop up during a course – something where life and study clashes, or some circumstance which falls between the cracks. I think this linking role between the institution and the students is humanising and important, and if there’s something to be said I'll say it, and something to be done I’ll do it.

My non-campaigning campaign

As for proper campaigning and canvassing for votes - that sort of goes against type with me! I’m not that keen on adding fliers with my face on to the recycling bins, and I generally only come in to campus for one day of lectures. So this is it.

Despite the challenges of our courses and being at University, we all know we’re really lucky to be able to pursue our dreams and aspirations through education, and to get a chance to contribute.

Thanks for your trust and your vote.

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