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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education



Vote #1 BECCA BATES - Vice President Education & Welfare. Bringing FRESH faces and FRESH ideas to Hertfordshire Students' Union

Hi! I’m Becca, and I want to be your next VP for Education & Welfare. I want to improve welfare, equality and academic success at our university. I currently work as a Resident Assistant (RA) and a representative on the Student Council. Additionally, I have needed help from our welfare and disability services and know how they can be improved. On top of this, I have been an active member of the SU through volunteering with marrow and RAG. 

I believe that when a student is healthy, happy and safe, they achieve their best academically. I have used many services the Education and Welfare VP's have provided in the past and understand how invaluable a service it is. This fuels my passion and will ensure that I will work hard as a VP. 
Everyone should be able to attend Uni and have access to all that is on offer no matter their sexuality, religion or race.  I want to look at gender-free toilet areas, ensuring that we have provisions for every faith, addressing hidden costs of study and enabling all to have study recourses suitable for their learning needs. 
I am approachable and want to ensure that our uni experience is fun! I will take this role seriously and know that I will build on the previous brilliant work already done. I will innovate and refresh the way Hertfordshire treats the welfare of its students.
Equality for all is a right, and I aim to ensure that every person involved with the SU is treated with the respect they deserve, keeping our already thriving and diverse community alive. 
Finally, academic success is my priority. Every course should be of a high quality and readily available for every student.


The availably of health services is lacking, and I will ensure every student can access support that they need, be that physically, mentally or sexually. 

There are unnecessary hindrances that prevent the success of our students, and I aim to remove them such as hidden costs and accessibility. 

I want to allow every student to have the most fun they can while studying, and that includes a safe way to get home after a night out. 

 Our local area is home to several charity shops and as a university, it’d be great if we could aid both local and national charities in helping others. 

I will work with the whole elected officer team and the SU Staff to make our union the best for you.


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