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Vote Grainne #1 for PRESIDENT and all members of SHOW HERTS

Iím Grainne OíMonghain your Vice-President Democracy and Services and the first female in my role for 13 years. I am a Law School graduate and I have always been involved with the SU. I was a Part-time Officer, NUS Delegate, SSRO and Treasurer of RaG. My skills and experience easily make me the most credible candidate for your President.
SHOW HERTS is a team full of passionate, skilled and experienced people who all have the enthusiasm and drive to lead us into 2017. Each member brings a unique quality to the team and we push each other to do the best we can. The team has the commitment, passion and determination to do what they promised to do and make a real positive change. Each member is a leader and there is no better team to lead your SU and represent YOU in the coming year!
My time as your Vice-President has allowed me to gain the required knowledge and experience you need in your President. I am a firm believer in active representation and its power to improve your experiences while studying. During my term I have actively sought the views of students, launched campaigns from your feedback and worked tirelessly to ensure students are represented through Herts and your SU and I want to continue this as your President.
Accountable and Credible SU Officers
I want to continue the work done this year, in improving the officer credibility to the University. I want us to always be a serious voice within UH. I want to support the development of the SU's accountability functions to ensure Officer's present and future are always working for YOU!
Citizenship and Social Responsibility for all
The Union needs to be supporting the development of all students at UH and I believe a large part of this is to embrace citizenship and social responsibility, so every student knows they have the power to enact change. I want to ensure that this is incorporated into every aspect of the Unions activities.
Proactive rather than reactive Union
As an SU we need to be ahead of the curve and involved in discussion about all decisions affecting students, ensuring issues are rectified before effecting any UH students life or experience, both locally and nationally.
Make your voice heard by UH
I want to build the current representation system within UH, to allow every student, even those with the smallest voice be heard throughout the University. I want to build its reputation both with the University and the students, as an effective mechanism to affect student led change.
Build and develop School and SU relationship
I want to develop and build this relationship, each school is so individual that as a Union we need to this relationship to meet the needs of every student not only on a University basis, but down to the grass roots of their schools or college.

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