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Candidate for the position of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics School Officer

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Oliver Price

Stand up for PAM at Student Council; Review Mathematical Techniques 2; End coursework clustering

Oliver Price #1 for PAM Officer

Who am I?


2nd Year Astrophysics Student Review Mathematical Techniques 2 with module leaders
  A 50% fail rate is unacceptable.
News Manager at Trident Media I will talk with lecturers to try and move content to MT1 or make it a two-term module.
  Bring students issues with module to module leaders.
Heavily Involved with the Students Union  
  Prevent coursework clustering
I am politically involved Ask module leaders to communicate with each other so that they schedule coursework better.
  Stand up for PAM students at the Student Council
  I will make sure to stand up for PAM students whatever their issues.
  If you have an issue, course related or not, I will set up a way to get in contact with me.
  More observatory time for astrophysics students
  Often, the time at Bayfordbury is wasted due to bad weather.
  I will ask lecturers to consider dedicating extra observatory hours in case of bad weather.

Why vote for me?

I have a proven track record representing students  
I've written in UniVerse about high rents and their impacts on students.  
I've started a petition to introduce lower cost accommodation.  
I will be dedicated to helping you  
I care about issues you have at university, from coursework to the Student Union  
I understand the issues affecting students today  
Aside from PAM Issues I will campaign on:  
Campus costs  
Free speech on campus  
Trying to keep students poltically engaged  


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