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Candidate for the position of Life and Medical Sciences School Officer



Vote Yasmine for LMS School Officer

My name is Yasmine Mansouri and I'm a Biomedical Sciences student who is currently on placement at GSK and will be returning in September to complete my final year of study. I am running for the post of Life and Medical Sciences School Officer. Having studied in this school for the past three years, I'm very aware of the fact that we, as students, have a lot to say about our respective courses, and I hope to take student feedback and bring about real change to our school.

If elected:

  • I will launch an LMS wide Facebook group, where students can voice concerns, give feedback and organise social events. As part of the Facebook group, I would like to have regular surveys, in which students from each of the many courses under the Life and Medical Sciences school can give feedback, which I can then escalate to staff members.

  • I will provide a suggestion board or suggestion boxes in all buildings used by LMS, in which students can fill out a card with any concerns they feel need addressing or any feedback they wish to give about their course.

  • I will endeavour to send out regular emails to all LMS students, detailing plans to meet with academic staff and any feedback from meetings with academic staff and the student council

  • I would like to introduce a buddying system for LMS students considering a placement year or study abroad year. This would involve matching up second years who hope to go on placement or study abroad with a final year who has undertaken a similar placement or gone to a similar country for their study abroad year.

  • I will encourage society participation and help establish a society for every course within our school. Currently, neither Geography, Environment and Agriculture nor Sport, Health and Exercise have an active subject related society, and I'd like to change this and increase numbers at our already established societies too.

  • I will encourage the organisation of social events within the LMS school. An important part of the university experience is socialising, and I hope that by organising more social events, students will become closer to others in their cohort, courses and school.

  • I hope to organise opportunities for students to meet their lecturers outside of an academic setting, such as through coffee mornings.

What I have achieved so far

Prior to joining the university, I was part of a panel of students who presented to a board in order to win £3000 for a charity of our choice. As group leader, I was able to organise my panel effectively and lead us to success. Since joining the university, I have been an active volunteer with Herts Marrow, running events and supporting both the president and vice-president. Whilst on placement, I organise and am part of daily meetings with senior members of staff, and I feel that these experiences will help me in the role of Life and Medical Sciences School Officer.

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