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Candidate for the position of Vice President Services



Vote Matt #1 VP Democracy and Services. Bringing FRESH faces and FRESH ideas to Hertfordshire Students’ Union!

I’m Matt, making sure that you have the best experience while at uni! As a society committee member, I deal with all sorts of situations both good and bad. I’m always listening to what I can do to make the society experience better and want to extend that to the whole student body, to make sure your voice is heard! In my spare time, I’m involved in both drama and media, and enjoy getting involved with various events though volunteering with the SU. 


I’ve loved my time at university and have a passion to make sure every student does too. Having been involved with the SU for two years, I’ve learnt how it works and will use my knowledge, and your feedback, to ensure that changes happen for the better and keep you in mind.

I have a passion for fair representation and ensuring you get the best service! I have experience with many different aspects of the Students Union and have represented my programme as a Student Rep myself. As VP, I’ll welcome anyone to come in for a chat so you can make your voice heard. I’ll also work on my own ideas to deliver better services to you as well as continue the work of my predecessor, to ensure that your decisions made previously are put into action.


Too many times I’ve heard people complain about various elements regarding their time at uni and say there is nowhere to voice their concern. I’ll work closely with the other VPs to create a marketing campaign, educating students about the representation options available, encouraging participation.

Currently, there is nowhere on campus to collect prescriptions, which needs to change! I’ll work with the university to ensure the on campus pharmacy is able to provide the prescription service that students need.

I’ll investigate the timetabling system that continues to cause problems to students; especially those in Joint Honours programmes, where lectures and assignments clash regularly. I’ll strive to improve this, ensuring you have adequate time for your studies.

There have been numerous complaints about campus accessibility issues. This includes lift operation, lighting in dangerous areas and ease of access. Working closely with the VP Education and Welfare, I ‘ll listen to your concerns and start a campaign, in conjunction with estates management and the RAs, to improve accessibility around campus, for all students.

To ensure that improvements are made for YOU the students, the elected officers must work with each other to provide the appropriate support to every student at the University of Hertfordshire and make sure that every voice is heard!


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