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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education



Creating Better Student Experience.

 Vote Mahmudul Hasan #1 for VP Education & Welfare


About Me

Hi I am Mahmudul Hasan. I am currently studying MSc Management and also involved with University of Hertfordshire Peer Assistant Learning (PAL) and Academic Coaching programs. I have been involved with the SU and was your Postgraduate Students’ Officer in 2014/15. I have gained many skills working for SU such as helping students handling pressure during exams and submission periods. I want to work same way for the students and running for Vice-president Education and Welfare this year.

Why I am the best for VP Education and Welfare

My experience working with SU and University Hertfordshire PAL programs helps me to understand student’s needs and I am in the best position to improve students’ academic and personal wellbeing. I want to take this opportunity to create better student experience.

What I have achieved so Far  

I have worked with many students to help with their academic improvement during my PAL program. I have also advised and supported many students for their personal wellbeing as an Academic Coach and as Postgraduate Students’ Officer. I have advised a number of students regarding their issues and direct them to the right authorities.




My Promise to Change 

 I will make following changes to creat better student experience.

 Quality Education

 I will make sure you will get quality education during your degree. I will campaign to improve the quality of teaching as well as skills that you are gaining. I will work for the following changes.

  • Using Technology for More Effective Learning
  • Advice and Supports for Academic Enhancement 
  • Arranging Funds for Students for Educational Conferences

Better Lifestyle for Students around Campus

 I will do campaign to improve your healthy lifestyle. I will provide information, supports and programs about ways to improve your studies and physical wellbeing. The following changes will be made.    

  • Advice and Support for Healthy Lifestyle
  • Guidance for active  Lifestyle
  • More Multicultural Events and Multi-faith Centre on Campus  

Enhance Employability

 I will work for following changes to improve your career opportunities and enhanced employability.

  • Advice and Support for  Career
  • More Entrepreneurial Events
  • Creating More Career and Employment Events


Contact Us

  • Hertfordshire Students’ Union

    College Lane



    AL10 9AB

  • 01707 285000

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