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Candidate for the position of Business School Officer



I may be small, but I’ve got it all. I’ll fight without rest, put me to test. Vote for Petek

Having an interesting and stimulating academic life is vital in order to fulfil every aspect of your enhanced university learning at the University of Hertfordshire Business School. As being an international student from Turkey and initially not knowing anyone, I have met countless students and made many friends. For this reason, I believe I will be able to create a more diverse and welcoming business school. In addition to this, I will also provide support over the year and ensure that all of you will have the best chance to prosper in your academic endeavours at the University.

I have found that communicating with each other and working together are essential in ensuring that a school runs smoothly. Issues raised can be improved quickly and efficiently if everyone works together, so I will strive to increase teamwork within the business school. Moreover, having a strong student voice and body will help to ensure that decisions can be made and improvements happen according to your preferences. By working alongside the University, I will research various ways in which the academic experience can be improved throughout the semesters in order to find the best resolutions and choices for you in a social and learning friendly environment. I will also try to look in every possible way to increase student satisfaction by regularly communicating with you and our staff. I will also work hard and report regularly to strong student bodies such as the student reps and module leaders to create the best for your academic life.

Learning at the university is a priority, however to ensure that there is diversity and that students are able to enjoy their time at the university, I will also try to create social events at the business school. This is so you are able to meet and connect with each other.

I pledge to work hard in improving the relationship between students and their academic life and to explore all the different options that will unite the Business School. Listening is a key tool that is necessary to achieve success. I will work hard to meet your needs by listening to you and help improve the business school ever opportunity possible.


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