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Candidate for the position of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics School Officer



Lets not make this vote complex, vote for me and make it real.

Hi Everyone,


My name is Amber and I am a first year Astrophysics student. This past academic year I have been the Astrophysics representative, which has enabled me to attend committee meetings and get a closer look at how our school works alongside our students. As I am a very outspoken person, I am not afraid to be the voice of PAM, not only as a whole, but for every individual student as well. I plan to make this happen by being the bridge that fills the gap between the student and staff body. I have already started doing this whilst being the Astrophysics representative, by creating a Facebook page where the Physics and Astrophysics students can connect. I regularly update this with the feedback from meetings, and if there is any information to pass on that lecturers have given me. The page has also been used as a way of voting for feedback, and creating social events for us to partake in together. This has been a great success and has allowed me to get to know both staff and students on a personal level. 


I am an approachable person, and over the course of the year I have helped individuals with their enquiries and any issues they had. Naturally, I am a smiley, motivated and I won’t give up without a good fight. Having come from an alternative background, a lot of people told me that I would be unsuccessful. This has only added more fuel to my fire to make sure that every student who passes through our doors gets equal and unbiased opportunities.


As well as being involved as a representative, I have also worked with the Outreach team, which involves going to Bayfordbury observatory and helping out with open evenings. I really enjoy doing this as it means that I can share my love for Physics with others. I feel that by being your PAM School Officer, I will be able to channel that enthusiasm into making our teaching environment a better place for staff and students alike. Ultimately, this is your University experience and I wish to make it as fantastic as possible. By focusing on positives as well as negatives, I am aiming to give staff and students a positive boost which will make every day University life more fulfilling.


So let’s make PAM the best that it has ever been, & vote for Amber!

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