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Candidate for the position of Vice President Communications and Media

Image for MR A. S. M. ARIFUL KHAN

MR A. S. M. ARIFUL KHAN (Storm Herts)



I am A S M Ariful Islam and I am a final year Law student. I am also the president of the Bangladesh Students society as well as the In-chair of UH socialist society. I am a social and active individual.


 There are many issues that surround the position of VP Coms & Media. I wish to implement certain policies to improve the services of this sector.




Storm Herts is a team, everyone has a great personality and capacity with one voice for the University of Hertfordshire Students. The team is capable to be consistent with current elected part time officer working with SU and society president and active students from different level of education and experiences.





I am an extremely effective individual who is capable of multi-tasking consistently and effectively. I am in touch with every day students regularly and I know exactly what the students want and require from this respective department.


 Apps for trident media

One of the policies I wish to implement is to enhance the services provided by trident media by hosting live telecasts of big events such as summer ball, convocation and fresher fairs etc. Every student, lecturer and staff would have access to the app and would be able to watch this live telecast from mobile or laptop through this app.

There many students who are not aware of the existing establishment of the radio “Crush radio” and “Crush Underground”. Therefore another of my policies would be to increase awareness of these radio shows as well as increasing student activities involved with these shows.


I believe that being in university, many students are inclined to find their “love partner” or whosever fate provides for an individual therefore if elected I would like to arrange a blind date program which would be telecast in the university radio and trident media.

Award programs

Another policy is that I would like to create an award program were all awarded students of various prizes and trophies would be undertake an interview of how they feel to be awarded of their specific prize or position.  

Information hub and large displays

I wish to include an information hub for the virtual forum were any one could utilize their id to engage with other students in a chat room. There would also be a large display in every important buildings so they could get a basic idea of their respective departments.


Host talent shows

If elected I would like talent shows to be held every year in the university since there are many students with many different sorts of talents that go unnoticed. In order to create awareness of their potentials and eventual train and lobby the winners to be sent to global talent shows. In turn this would look great for the Hertfordshire alumni.

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