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Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities



UNIte your students union


About me:

What will I aim to improve?

I am an active person who is passionate about health and fitness, and I have been involved in societies and clubs since my first year at Herts. I am the current President and coach of the Tough Mudder society, having joined in my first year and acted as chair in my second. I am also the first official events and fundraising coordinator for the University Kickboxing club.

When I am not training I am studying for a joint honours degree in Law and Philosophy.

1) I want to create a more united SU, who work together to create more opportunities for students.

I will do this by:

- Working closely with the welfare services at Herts to encourage and enable everyone at Herts to get involved in sport and other activities.

- Facilitating student groups in collaborating on events and campaigns.

- Keeping a dialogue open with students and organising university wide campaigns and fundraising for causes which they feel passionately about.

Why vote for me?

University is always said to be about more than just a degree and my involvement in activities has definitely shaped my experience at herts.

My involvement in both the Students Union and Athletic Union means I have an understanding of all aspects of student activities and experience in balacing a number of projects at once. I am a friendly and approachable person and my experience coaching and speaking publicly means I can communicate effectively with a range of different people.

2) I want to ensure all clubs receive the best possible support.

- Meeting with committee members regularly to identify team requirements and goals

- Working to increase opportunities for competing and developing in sport for all AU clubs.

- Working with volunteers and student led activities to provide vital services and support to our teams during fixtures

- Continue to create a united Athletic Union by enabling joint events, collaborative projects and maintaining communication to provide more opportunities across all teams.

While being at University I have been pushed out of my comfort zone, challenged myself and been constantly motivated by the people I have met along the way. These people and activities have provided a vital support for me at times and are sometihing I cannot Imagine University without. I want to ensure that every student has the opportunity to discover and nurture their passions and gain invaluable experiences like these.


3) I want to create more experiences!

- I will encourage involvement in events and challenges both locally and further afield, to provide exciting and rewarding experiences.

- I will aim to work with local events and services to create more opportunities for students and a better relationship with the wider local area.






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