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Candidate for the position of Humanities School Officer



About Me

Hi, my name is Nouha Rakeeb and I am running to be an undergraduate part-time Humanities officer. I am in my second year studying History and Philosophy. As I am one of the student reps for Humanities I feel like I would be able to understand the importance of being a Humanities officer.

My Experience as a Student Rep

As I have been a student rep for humanities, I understand how the academic representation works within the department and what issues the students are facing during their time in the university. One of my vital roles as to being a rep is ensuring your voice is being heard. From the experience I have had as a student rep it can be sometimes difficult to arrange meetings with staff members to discuss all the issues that students are experiencing within their course. This is why you will need a humanities officer that will fight for you. If you vote for me I will make sure to keep on top with student reps so they are meeting with staff members.

My Policies: 

Feedback-There has been undescriptive and frequent delays in feedback in some courses which hinders student’s opportunity in improving their work. The simple solution to this is to ensure that staff members set a deadline for when students will be receiving their assignments back as well with a descriptive feedback on where they could improve.

Books and Online Resources- When it comes to studying and getting information for our course, popular books can be difficult to get from the library. This sometimes results in students buying expensive books for their module. I will discuss with the department to invest more money into books for the library and also expand the varieties of e-books for students to access online.

Integrated department- I will work on integrating the department; one in which teachers talk to each other to avoid any clashes of popular modules. Espically with first and the second years, many students often have modules with the same deadline to hand in their assignments, which causes a lot of pressure for students. I will work with the department to try and improve communications with the staff members and have at least 48 hours between each deadline.

Workshops- A frequent concern among students are low contact hours with lecturers compared to other departments. Though it may not be achieved in a year, I will discuss with the department to look into long-term possibilities in contact hours or a workshop day in which students are able to visit their lectures and discuss their work and feedback.


Use your voice to drive your choice.

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