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Candidate for the position of Vice President Services



A Vote For Manny, Is A Vote For Your Value For Money !


As Current Vice President Community, I have worked on many projects and it has taken some time for them to be rolled out.

My most successful project so far is the Wi-Fi investment and project which will take up to 2 years to be solved. I have sat on the Wi-Fi Project Committee for the whole year as of yet, so why not vote for me to continue this.

As a nominee for VP Services, I am working on more and more to help and benefit the students and making sure that they are getting the best value for money.

Free Sanitary Products

This is a National motion put forward in the NUS conference which was voted for the motion. Delegates and sabbatical officers across the country are supportive of the motion for female students to have Free Sanitary Products such as the environmental friendly Moon Cups, tampons and towels.

Students are left asking whether their period will affect their bank balance or their health and we should not charge our female students for Sanitary Products. I will as VP Services ensure that there are stations on both De Havilland Students Union Office and College Lane Students Union Office offering Free Sanitary Products.

Taxi Subscriptions For Students On Placement

I’m aware that a lot of our students are on placement especially, locally, and that a lot of our students pay a lot of money in terms of transport to get to and from placement costs a lot.

So as VP Services, I will liaise with the local Taxi Company (AAA Taxi) and persuade them as to why doing subscriptions where a student can pay a monthly fee to get them to and from placement instead of our students paying cash every day.

Pay Later Taxi’s

This idea stemmed from my current position of Vice President Community. AAA Taxis have already agreed to offer this scheme. In simple terms, it is a student being able to get a taxi for free after a Forum Night, but paying for the fees the following day.

As VP Services, I will hope that this will be rolled out before post or as soon as I am in the new post.

Opening De Hav Gym 24/7

College Lane Oval Gym has agreed to become open soon 24/7.

Hertfordshire Sports Village own both the gyms on De Hav and College Lane, so why not open De Hav gym 24/7.

As VP Services I will open talks and see if this motion is possible and when can we expect it to happen.

Allowing Students to Book Forum At Affordable Rates

Our student entrepreneurs who do events will need a venue to kick start their business in events. Students who try Book Forum may be hesistant due to the actual price of booking the Forum.

As VP Services, I will create a platform whereby students can get support in running an event and be able to afford to book the venue and what is to come with it (Staff and security)

Continued Work on Wi-Fi

When I was running for VP Community, I campaigned on bettering the Wi-Fi services and my first month in post, there was a significant amount of investment put towards Wi-Fi.

Since then, I have sat in the Wi-Fi committee and I feel like as VP Services, it will be beneficial to have be on that committee for the remainder of the project.

Continued Work on Street Lights

Around College Lane, there are dark streets and students feel uncomfortable with walking at night. So as VP Community I met with the Police, Council and members of the University in getting some lights back on, however, I was told that this motion will be close to impossible.

However, this did not stop me, I met with a local MP who has supported the motion and since then has taken it further which has come back positive in terms that, I have been asked to choose a specific route which I have done.

As VP Services, I will work closely with more members of the council in gradually and incrementally turning other routes back on.



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