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Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities


New Uni, New Herts. Vote Mustafa VP Activities

Mustafa’s Manifesto

University should be an experience of a life time, where memories are created to take with you forever. As VP Activities, I will be dedicated to building on the excellent work of last year’s officers. The current VP Activities Rosy Vega is an Event Management graduate and has shown the commitment and knowledge it takes to provide amazing experiences - as an Event Management student myself, I am confident I can continue to provide this standard of excellence in events and further improve the services our university has to offer, making me the ideal candidate to represent you!

Freshers week, Forum and Affordability

As the costs of University keep rising, I will fight to ensure that students are still able to enjoy their time at The University of Hertfordshire without having to worry about their budget.


  • Put a strong focus on improving Fresher's Week events to ensure new and current students have an unmissable experience by bringing in relevant, sought after performers while maintaining its affordability for students.
  • Work on revamping a new Fresher’s Week timetable to bring in more events during the day alongside our Forum nights to encourage new students to meet new people.
  • Continue to provide events throughout the year for all students to engage in and further the improvements made to your Forum Friday nights to make it the best night out in Hertfordshire whilst ensuring prices are kept to a minimum.

Sports and Varsity

As a university who has consecutively won for many years we should celebrate varsity as the grand occasion that it is every year. It is important for our sports teams to have the support of the entire university when competing and when inevitably they continue to bring home the trophies. This is only possible by giving students more information and opportunities to get involved.


  • Continue the focus on growing our team spirit for varsity, ensuring that students are told about the times, dates and related events well in advance.
  • Push for more promotion around varsity and work on making it a more engaging event that competes with other Universities around the country for its notoriety.
  • Work alongside the athletics union and sport teams to ensure all athletes have access to regular socials


Societies play a huge role in our social interactions – where all students are able to meet like-minded people and partake in extra-curricular activities that can contribute to their employability skill set. The current system can make it difficult for new societies to gain recognition and build their members, often causing new, innovative ideas to go unnoticed.


  • Work with current and existing societies to help develop their ideas and push for more exposure of the events and activities that they hold.
  • Prioritise one of my main objectives as VP activities to increase the number of students joining a society.

Inclusion and Representation

As an all-inclusive university, The University of Hertfordshire is an amazing place to be and our diversity should be celebrated. For many people university is the first time in which they are exposed to such a broadly diverse community. It is crucial to make sure that all students regardless of what ethnicity, sexuality, religion, race, gender or disability that they may identify with are represented fairly and equally and this will always be reflected in the events that I organise with no exceptions. Equality has always been - and will continue to be - my number one priority and I will use the position of VP activities to develop on this.


  • Work hard to make sure that all students are represented fairly and equally. Our differences and diversity are what makes our University a progressive institution.
  • Ensure all students get the support that they need to have a great university life. This will include maintaining and improving the inclusivity of people who are considered disabled when planning and staging all events.


Commuting to University can often be a tedious task, and often means that a lot of students miss out on events as a result of these being held on times and days that aren’t always suitable or convenient.


  • Work with commuters, carefully listening to their feedback and suggestions to make events and activities as accessible as possible to all off-campus students.


Additionally, the events and workshops that the university hold can be essential in giving students the edge they need to improve their employability, and this should be no different to post-graduates. As the University evolves and continues to develop, it is important to ensure that our alumni have access to the resources that we are able to offer in supporting them through their path whether this be career focused or further study.


  • Always keep post-graduates in mind when staging events across both campuses and invite them all to make the most of what the University has to offer.



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