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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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1) £10 printing credit annually  

2) MAXIMUM three-hour gaps on your timetables  

3) Transparency! From the start of you course; know exactly how many lecturers/seminars you must attend to pass AND how your degree grade is classified (explained in simple terms)  

4) Encourage free speech, debate and the freedom to think independently and critically 

5) A Hertfordshire PhD conference event for PhD students to present their research in layman terms to postgrads across the university  

6) Staff to receive training on the ways to help students on the autistic spectrum keep up with their work 

7) Study room booking to include information about the facilities and space available in each room available for booking  

8) Lecturers to deliver revision sessions during exam periods 

9) Recognition of fantastic lecturers by having more engaging Uni of Herts Teaching Awards 

10) The university to prioritize clear language skills when hiring lecturers to improve teaching quality  



1) End the hassle of topping-up with an annual £10 printing credit for every student, so you can print, read and bring to class the relevant materials.  

2) Gaps on timetables should never be as long as the cold war. FOUR, FIVE, sometimes SIX-hour gaps between classes can be daunting for commuting students. I will propose departments invest in employing a data analyst to design reasonable timetables for lecturers and students, and each student to have maximum 3-hour gaps between classes.  

3) End the confusion around attendance and degree grading. I will ensure your lecturers explain at the beginning of your semester how many lessons are compulsory to attend to pass. Your studynet should include a breakdown on how your modules are translated into a degree grade (how to achieve a first/upper-second class etc.) in comprehensible terms.  

4) All students must feel comfortable to express their views, from communists to conservatives. Requiring our schools to be tolerant to a variety of student political/personal views, Hertfordshire will become an environment which endorses what university should truly be about: free speech, debate between ideas and the freedom to think critically and independently.  

5) I will work on bringing together postgraduate students across the university, to encourage postgrads to truly feel like a Herts student and build sociable networking opportunities among students going through similar studying experiences. 

6) Implementing teacher training programs which are specifically designed to help accommodate students with autism, such as providing students with lecture notes pre-lecture and avoiding sudden timetable changes. Aiming to reduce the pressure and dropout rates for autistic students. 


Graduated with a BA English Literature, currently studying Masters in English Literature. From being a student here for four years I know what I need to do as VP Education to ensure this University provides you with a better learning experience. I will continue the work achieved by the current SU officers, such as improvements to the WiFi, yet also consider a wider spectrum of students, such as different learning abilities. Most importantly I will always be around to hear you all out. 

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