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Candidate for the position of Vice President Community

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Better UH life ahead


Anis Aman, I am a 3rd-year law student. I am a debater and I represented UH in Cambridge IV 2017 as an individual debater. I was actively involved in Active Students' program and also the General Secretary of UH BD Society. I am currently working as an intern in a solicitor firm in London.  I love to travel, meet new and diverse communities worldwide.




-Free shuttle bus to ASDA and Hatfield railway station.

-A car-sharing program for the students who commute, led by students for students. 

-Better Wi-FI using updated technology so this issue is finally resolved!

-Create more jobs on & off campus to help students with their finances.

-Hardship Fund for all categories of students. 

-Suggestion Box in both campuses and feedback to make sure that your voice is not only heard, it's also something to work on.

-Mental Health Drop-In sessions on both campuses with a careful welcoming approach.  

-More inclusivity of BME community and disabled students through a variety of programs and events. 

-Annual Inter-University event with other universities including sports events, co-curricular competitions and integration of societies. 

-Annual Cultural Event with an opportunity to perform your best abilities and get recognized. 

-Transform the path between Campus & ASDA/Train Station into a well-lit, CCTV monitored zone so that students can feel safe.

-A better maintenance of multifaith centres and the key. 

-Work with Hatfield Council/Local Communities to make the campus more alive!  

-NO to Racism, Homophobia or any other form of prejudice. 



Firstly, I will work to ensure my vice-presidency to represent the student body efficiently and honestly that will focus on the students' voice.As in my opinion "Students' Union" needs to be focused more on the needs of the student and as your elected officer I will work as "FOR THE STUDENTS, OF THE STUDENTS, BY THE STUDENTS.". Also, I want to change your university experience to an inclusive one where you feel a sense of belonging. Furthermore, I will use all my skills and past experiences to bring my manifesto to live.



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