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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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- Because education is more than just a sheet of paper; education is purpose, power and vision.

My name is Storm Stanley. As a current Business and Psychology student, who not only understands the pressure of the being a student, but has performed and spoken at different schools and events, I have a holistic understanding of how the educational system works and how to improve it.

I aim to do my best to ensure that your student experience is as fulfilling, fair and as rich as possible, by making your educational experience is more practical and applicable to not just the workplace, but is also applicable from an entrepreneurial perspective and personal life. I aim to:


  • Have lectures recorded for every course.
    • As a result, this will increase the effectiveness of revision, making it easier to capture key points the lecturers said during lecture time.


  • Lecture slides with much more detail.
    • To make it easier to revise during the exam period.


  • Increasing the engagement in lectures and the overall course aim.
    • I aim to do this by increasing visits from people in industry from every course.
    • More interactive class activities.
    • Increase in Networking Events across all courses.
    • Opportunities to have trips within course modules to visit industries whether abroad or within the UK.
    • More one to one interaction with lecturers.


  • Water dispensers and hot drinks machines in lecture rooms for use in breaks
    • Tackle dehydration and people coming back late from breaks.


  • Everyone having the opportunity of two reading weeks
    • Relieve stress and create a work life balance .          


  • Setting up a new program/ club to give students an opportunity to learn a language to improve employability.


  • Increasing the compulsory books for each course in the library.


I believe that my passion and vision to create change within the educational system will trump any other person that you could elect for this position. If elected, I will make every effort to be the your student voice, to listen to what you have to say regarding your course, modules and concerns in education.

Vote for me as your VP of education to see practical change.

Education is more than just a sheet of paper; education is purpose, power and vision. Lets aim for change, lets aim to innovate and create a more practical, and life changing academic experience.


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