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Candidate for the position of President

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My voice is Strong, Loud and Clear, so make my Voice your Voice! Together we are Stronger, Louder and Greater!

My name is Ahmad Ali, and I am a third-year law and politics student. I am currently the primary elected Trustee of the Student Union. Some of you have heard of me, others will. For the last three years, I have been working closely with students and staff to improve the Law School, in particular, and the University as a whole, wisely and respectfully tackling any issues arising. I am the Chair of the E.L.I.T.E. Law Group UH, a group that focuses upon developing the lives of law students by reminding them of the integrity they should have and giving them the opportunity to build their skills and confidence, preparing them for the ugly, unjust and unfair outside world. We stand for Ethics, Leadership, Integrity, Transparency and Equality. We firmly fight against injustice, discrimination, corruption and abuse of powers in every way, shape or form. We've been running WOW (War of Words) for the last two years, and this year we have also been running mini Debating and Mooting sessions. 

I am a realist, thus I am not in a position to promise to make changes. However, I am in a position to guarantee you that I will do everything in my power to make these positive changes happen, and I am a man of my word. If you doubt me, then please do not vote for me, as I stand for Justice, Equality and Integrity. I aim to be the voice of the voiceless; I feel their pain as it is mine too. I am against all those who deprive fundamental rights of others, due to their discriminatory nature. I stand with the oppressed, fighting oppressors worldwide. I stand by the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, no matter how hard or against whom it is. 

If elected, as the president, I will try my best to hold those who are discriminatory into account, and I will use all of my connections to fight those who seek to abuse the powers they have been given in goodwill. 
I believe students are already paying a lot for their educational journey. Therefore I will try to reduce all costs relating to activities and food within the student union shops or at least stop them from rising. I will also try to implement equal opportunities for all students and societies across both campuses. I will try to improve the WiFi across the University's ground.

Moreover, I will try to provide more facilities and services to students such as; restrooms, lockers, improved transport such as (shuttle bus to Hatfield Station) if possible more buses too, for less waiting time. I will try to decrease the amount of food wastage that is currently happening, instead, giving it to the homeless, poor and the less fortunate. I will also try to increase and promote recycling to ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible, and provide clothing recycling bins which will then give to charity. I will try to set up cooking classes, teaching students how to cook, for those who would like to learn.

Further, I will also try to provide a bigger multi-faith facility in De Havilland Campus, so that students can integrate more, understanding each other's faiths, beliefs, cultures and backgrounds, as this is a fundamental pillar within our University, Community and Society.

Furthermore, I will also try to improve the standard of hygiene in common areas within the University and students' accommodation. I will try to provide more car park spaces at De Havilland Campus if possible. 

I am who I am, and I stand by my values, morals and principles. I believe every individual should have an opportunity to rise and shine. Therefore, I will try to the best of my ability to provide an equal opportunity to all students especially for those who have not been given one and feel left out. 
If you don’t know me, then please get to know me. Many wrongfully judge me as they judge the book by its cover. I ask you to read the book then give your opinion, which you are certainly entitled to, leaving judgment to the Lord for the Day of Judgment.

I know some of you feel frustrated with the fact that your voice is not heard, understood or taken into account. As I feel the same at times, I can assure you though, that my voice is loud and clear, and those who know me can vouch for that and me in general. I will make it my prime responsibility to be your voice and the voice of those who are reluctant to speak out and express their views and opinions. We are in a democracy; together we can make it Truly Happen. 

I merely aim to be that strong, firm, and clear voice which brings equality, justice and fairness within the University...I hope to do so nationally and internationally eventually. I believe if positive changes do not happen here within our University, then it most likely will not happen out there. So with your help and support, I look forward to being part of a brighter, integral and dignified future for all of us, the community and humanity at large. Life is a test, make sure you pick the right choices.

Together we will bring back and uphold Justice, our Humanity and The Human Integrity under our umbrella of the Rule of Law, as we have Trust, Faith and Belief in The Lord, knowing that we surely will not be let down. We have got nothing to worry about. May God bless you all.


Thank you,

Ahmad Ali

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