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Candidate for the position of Vice President Services



For The Students


Some people have ideas, some have suggestions, others might even want to make a change. I want to show my dedication, so these are my promises to YOU:

Live UNO bus app – The app would be used to provide live information regarding the UNO buses, including arrivals and departures. No more need to wait an hour for a bus that left 2 minutes ago.

Halal food and better food & drinks deals – Students should be free to go wherever they want, and know their needs will be met, whether that’s through appropriate food, prices of alcohol or deals both in the LRC and the SU store.

Free shuttle to ASDA and Hatfield station – This would be extremely useful for the many students who go home on weekends, commute to the university, or simply need a quick method of transport for their weekly shopping.

24/7 café in LRC – No one’s ever heard of an “All-dayer”, which is why the café should be open when students require the most energy, during yet another tragic all-nighter for their mountain of assignments.

Remove fence between Elehouse and Hutton hub – This would be safer and easier for students who are on their way to the bus, grabbing a drink at the Elehouse or when coming back from (an extra cheeky) Cheeky Wednesday in those killer 6-inch heels.

Lower student service prices – Lowering the prices of accommodation, the gym, SU store and laundry; everyone wants it, I’ll do it.

More international events – University should be about bringing people together. More international events would allow students to have fun while experiencing and learning about new cultures.

Better Wi-Fi range, connectivity and reliability - Internet connection is a core part of university, nearly all assignments have to be uploaded on Studynet, but everyone knows the real reason for needing better Wi-Fi…

Affordable Park & Ride prices – 44% of students commute, a lot of these students currently have to pay for the park and ride regularly, which adds up over time to a lot more than people should have to pay just because they live further away.

I have constantly been an active member of the university, from living on campus throughout my degree, to working in the SU for almost 3 years (as many of you may know from the forum). To add to this, I am the Vice President for ESN, and currently work for trident media. However, I do not want people to vote for me just for these reasons, I only want you to vote for me if you believe in me and my manifesto. I’ve been listening to what students want over my time at this university, and I’ve been looking in to how I can achieve these requests to improve life for all students. I believe I can be a Vice President of Services, that truly is… “For the students.” 


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