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About me

My name is Matt Ogle, and I'm a third year student studying Mechanical Engineering (BEng). Since my first year I have been active within the students union, even setting up a society which I have been chairperson of for the past 3 years. Now that I'm coming to the end of my university journey I want to give something back to not just the students union, but more importantly the students them selves that have made my university journey so amazing!

My Pledges

  • Over my time at university it has become apparent to me that the cost of going to university is too high. Tuition fees have become an extortionate debt that you have to live with for a large portion of your adult life, and the cost of accommodation is so high that it dwarves some student’s maintenance loans. As such I pledge to increase the value for money of your degree, making everyday costs around campus cheaper and more affordable.
  • The social aspect is a massive part of university life. Despite this, social space is either barely used – such as the common rooms on College Lane, or in the case of the De Havilland there is next to no social space. It is my belief that Elehouse and the Forum should not be the only desirable places to hang out on campus, so I pledge to improve the current social space and create it where it is not readily available.
  • A credible source told me that 44% of students commute to UH, and yet it seems that they are being neglected. Since last academic year the price of the park and ride has doubled, and with the current cost of university being at an all-time high, more should be done to accommodate those who must commute as well as those who live nearby. Therefore, I pledge to influence decisions that’ll positively effect commuting students.
  • Those who are living in Hatfield, regardless of whether it’s on campus or not, will be living in a HMO – A house in multiple occupation. However due to new HMO licensing rules you may find that a lot of properties will disappear from the market over the coming year, thus making it harder to find a student house. As well as this, some students (both international and UK residents) can find it near impossible to get a guarantor so that they can rent a property. This results in the individual having pay rent 6 months in advance. With these points in mind, I pledge to both lobby the change in HMO licensing rules and create a guarantor scheme for both international and UK resident students, where the university or the students union can be your guarantor.

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