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Candidate for the position of President


Think that you will become the president I want to be your servent, so your welfare is my supreme priority



Hi, I am Anmol Singh and I am running for the post of President for the University of Hertfordshire.


I am a MSC International Business student and currently my course representative. My journey till this point has been amazing and there have been instances where I have made the best of the challenges I’ve come across and overcoming them has been my biggest achievement. I assure you that I am an ideal and impeccable candidate for this position. Student’s welfare was and will always be of utmost importance to me and all matters will be treated diligently. Just like, I deal with the matters as a course representative, I will always stand by my promises and will even take the matters to the higher levels whenever needed, for student’s well-being.


As the ideal President should be, I have always been the Go to person and I have the following points which are the crux of my beliefs and may also comprise of my Job responsibilities, if I am chosen for this role:


1: "We are One" - In all these months, I have found enough Individualism among students, I want to lay another belief in our hearts that, we all are one and united.


2: "Value for your money & financial support" Many of us are from different countries and those are even native of this country, I will be working on this common goal i.e. giving you value for each penny you guys have spent and try to provide you as much financial support as I can from various sources.


3: "Transparency"- Ensuring transparency in college communication which would result in seamless educational experience.


4: "Encouraging Real Employbility"- I want to ensure that we get exposure to the real jobs out in the real world.


5: "Increase in social awareness' - While being active in College, we also need to be socially aware, as it would help in modifying our interactions with other people


6: "Taking our University to the next level"- Who doesn't want to work hard to make his organisation grow. Similarly, taking the University to the next level would be on my top priority


7: “24*7 access to President” - If any student is facing any problem at any time, I want to ensure that I would be available to help them out. 


8:”Free events” - organise free events and make the uni more lively.


9:”President of the people, by the people, for the people" - Last but not the least, if elected, I would be your go to guy, the listening ear and the always up for a hug buddy. 


While I know that all these things won't come easy but we cannot declare results without even writing the exam.


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