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Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities

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Muhammad Sajid

I Win, YOU Win.

I am Sajid ,I am a mechanical Engineering Final year Student, I have a Passion in working for Students and improving their Mental Health. I have been a part of different Student Governments and i have been doing successful events since the last 4 years. I have been Fortunate Enough to be a Founder and President of UH Global Students Society, Which has done multiple successful Events in the Past 6 months to improve Students life on campus. My main Goal is to Merge All the Societies and welcome each and every. Student to come along and be part of one community that shares a common goal of socializing and Making friends. On the other hand I also want to work For all the Sports Clubs and Athletic Union to improve all the facilities for the students, so that they can enjoy a Healthy and Active life on campus.

I will be working on the following Points if i get Elected:


-Making A Policy Book For Students And Societies For more involvement of all the students in societies.

- Improved Platforms for Societies to interact With Students.

-More and Wider Range of Cultural And social Events For Students

-Make A Platform For students to raise there voice in Person

-Improved platform for students to showcase their talents

-A Live Platform for all the Societies to raise their issues

-A Society Wall of Fame around Both Campuses, to show All the society Achievements and Committee Tree.

-Society Events lists / Calendar.

-Post Society Campus Events

-Talents/ Art Promoting Events.

- Cultural Parties

- Involving Other Universities for more Social, Sports and Cultural Events.

-Introducing Bulk Memberships of Societies for Students

-Helping Societies with Funds

-Social meetups for all the societies after every 50 Days

-Rewards for societies achievements and Society of the Month.

-Annual Societies Committee Dinners

-Meet and Greets for Commuting students


Changes Around Campus:

-More Use of Tv screen Around Both campuses for students Achievements and Marketing of Events

-Working on Adding More Water Fountains Around Campus And in LRCs-Improvements in Accommodation Facilities.

-Introduction Of VIP corner and Private Tables in the FORUM .

-Improved Music and Events in ELEHOUSE

-Improved Bus Stops (to Help commuting Students stay warm in Cold weather)

-Expansion of Community Garden

-Removing Of Timber Walls Next To Elehouse and Using that Area For students to walk Through

-Better Sound Systems In all The Common Rooms

-24 Hours Common Rooms with All the Activities (Improved pool tables, Air Hockey tables and table tennis).

-24 Hours SU SHOP.

-Sandwich Machines and Cola Machines In All the Common Rooms.

-More Changes In Oval , and Having a COSTA in Oval.

-Free 10 Laundry Rounds Every term (10 washes and 10 Drying)

-Cycle Stand Locks ( separate Key for every Bicycle owner)

-More A1 Paper Holders in LRC


Other Changes :

-User Friendly Hertfordshire Students Union Website ( easy links for all the tickets and events)

-User Friendly and easy to use Studynet Website

-Lobbying For Post Study Visa

-Working on No More 9am Classes

-Using Buses Interiors and Exteriors For Marketing Of UNI events.

-Custom Herts Hoodies for All students 

-Improved And Trained Forum Staff

-Variety Of food In elehouse

-More Support and Free Marketing For Students Working For Charity

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