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Candidate for the position of BAME Officer

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Everlyne Thuita

Leaders don't make excuses, they CREATE results

Hello, my name is Everlyne Thuita, and I am a current year one student at the university studying Aerospace Systems Engineering. I am running for the BAME officer role, as I would like to be the voice for the students from different background in order to ensure that their voice is being heard. My decision to stand up for you is from my own experiences which will allow me to connect to you. Whether we like to admit it or not, being different will affect the opportunities that we get, for example when applying for a job little things as your name can affect whether you are put forward for an interview or not. During my time at the university, I have spoken to my fellow BAME students about their experiences. What I have understood is that you would like to have more opportunities at the university.

When I am elected as BAME officer, I intend to make changes and create more opportunities for students from all racial backgrounds. Looking at the university reports in regards to exam outcomes, the results indicate that there is an enormous difference amongst different ethnic backgrounds. I believe that everyone should have the best chance of achieving the best results possible. Therefore, I would implement a buddy system where students will support each other within their subject using each other’s weaknesses to strengthen one another. This way, friendships are formed and chances of failure are reduced. The support system will help those students who reside on camps not feel as though they are alone as they are away from families and friends. The system will help them create a forum where they can attain friendships and create bonds/relationships that can last as far as after they’ve left the university.

As a BAME officer I intend to bring various students together from all nationalities by having events where by societies will have to work with one another to create a community for students who may be coming from a certain cultural background and are looking to replicate what they have at home here in their university. This will create opportunities for the students to get to know other cultures and this will bring appreciation of the student’s uniqueness.

To ensure that the students’ voices are heard, I will hold regular meetings where students will express any concerns or needs that they might have in the university. I will ensure that with every demand that is placed on me as the BAME officer, the needs of students are being met.

I want to create a different environment for students, I don’t want to leave the university with just a degree. I want to be better than I was when I started my course. This is the hope I have for all students and I perceive that we will able to achieve this together through being elected as your BAME officer. My focus and passion is in people, creating change for those I can identify myself in - those that I share similar experiences with.

I want to create the best community for you, a community where you are free to express yourself without judgement or discrimination.

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