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Elections: Results Night

Elections: Results Night

Friday 15 March 2019, 6:30pm - 11pm EleHouse

UH Students Only

That's it! Polling stations have closed and the votes have been counted!

You've voted for the people who you want to run your Students' Union. Head to the EleHouse or follow us on social media to find out who the winners are for all the positions: President, Vice President Education, Vice President Activities, Vice President Community, Student Trustees, Internation Officer, BAME Officer, Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Officer, Commuting Officer and Postgraduate Officer.

This year, during Results Night, the more people who vote the bigger the discounts in the EleHouse*: 

  • 10% off if 1,000 people vote
  • 20% off if 2,000 people vote
  • 30% off if 3,000 people vote
  • 40% off if 4,000 people vote
  • 50% off if 5,000 people vote

Last year, we reached over 5,000 individual voters in the Elections so let's see if you can beat that this year!

Make sure to come to Question Time before elections start to hear from the candidates on why you should vote for them.

(*This discount will apply to drinks from 6 - 9pm on 15th March in the EleHouse, minimum spend £1.)

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