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Apply with CV by email to exportmanager@naturhouse.com




Fulltime, 40 hours per week


The dietitian's main responsibility is to build a trusting relationship with our clients in order to aid them with their specific weight loss goals.
The dietitian has to:
- Give free weekly personalized dietetic consultations
- Take body measurements
- Explain the links between different foods
- Review and analyze the client´s food diary
- Prepare a personalized nutritional plan using Naturhouse products
- Use training manuals
- Help with the upkeep of the shop
- Look after stock control

Product recommendations will be determined by the Technical General Department.
Clients have to visit the center on a weekly basis until each clients' goals are achieved. Then clients have to follow a maintenance period in order to stabilize the weight; this period should be as many weeks as the lost kilos.
When both phases are finished, it is advisable that the clients visit the center once every three months for seasonal diets and supplements (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter).

University Degree and knowledge of nutrition required

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