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An Update from Your Vice President Community

Vice President Community, Prosasti

Hello everyone,


I am Prosasti, your Vice President Community. I work closely with our University stakeholders, including the Dean of Students, Student Support, Sustainability and Health and Safety departments at the University of Hertfordshire. The core part of my role is to get students feedback and ensure I work on the issues that students face and try our best to improve their experience.


Since the start of my role, I have received a lot of useful feedback and have been working hard behind the scenes to improve your experience.



Uno Buses

After receiving lots of helpful feedback from students and student leaders, I have successfully lobbied for an online complaint mechanism and up-to-date bus timetable online. Currently, I am lobbying for the following as a result:

  • Drivers Name Badges, which will help students to give feedback more effectively about specific drivers
  • Uno will accommodate students on any buses for free from Forum to De Havilland stops if we face higher demands


Herts Empowerment

I am glad to announce that I have successfully launched Herts Empowerment, and it is both online and offline, easily accessible for students from anywhere, anytime. For more details about Herts Empowerment, please head to our website.


Period Poverty

I believe it is everyone's right to access free/subsidised sanitary products. Therefore, with the help of Students' Union staff I put sanitary products at our office on College Lane Campus.

I am lobbying for free/subsidised sanitary products at our university because I think it is everyone fundamental right to have one. I spoke to the Assistant Director of Estates and now we are working closely on this project.


Todd Building Bus Shelter

I know how hard it is for students to stand in the sun, rain, snow in bus stands without a shelter. Currently, I'm lobbying for the Todd building shelter, and the University Estates team are optimistic about this project. Each of the bus stops will cost 10 000 pounds, and the Estates team is now going to ask University about the costs because Herts County Council does not have money to spend. I will be lobbying for this continuously for our students.


Safety on Campus

I am lobbying the University for more transparency between the University and students. In March 2020, the University hired an independent company to review the security services from all over the University, and there were few recommendations from the company. After asking them for months, finally, they emailed all students about the security updates, and some of the updates are below:

  • All permanent security staff now wear body-worn video cameras, which capture valuable evidence of any altercations and all staff/student interactions. This feeds into staff training
  • University has implemented a new electronic patrolling system across the accommodation areas, which allows for patrol tracking and real-time information sharing
  • University has introduced mandatory, enhanced customer service training to include active listening and empathy. All officers also receive mental health first aid training
  • University have upgraded all accommodation area CCTV cameras 


Accommodation Update

I am actively working with U-Living around Fire safety, power-down campaign, and laundry system. U-Living responded to everything proactively, and we are continuing to work together. I have helped U-Living to gather input on the heater and hot water issues on CL accommodation, most of which have successfully been fixed. If you have any queries, please let me know by using my email below.



Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you've found this useful, and I hope you will continue to share your honest feedback and assist me in improving your experience here at Herts. Follow my work on @hsuvpcommunity on Instagram & Twitter, and if you have any questions for me, please email at


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