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An Update from Your Vice President Education

Vice President Education, Zara

Hello, everyone!


As your Vice President Education, I collaborate closely with your School Community Organisers and Student Representatives to ensure that your academic feedback is represented at the university. I've had the pleasure of hosting the Rep Conferences and the International Student Issues Forum in the past month, and I've received a lot of useful feedback, which I've taken into account in the following actions:



Face-to-Face Teaching

After receiving feedback from you and your Student Reps at the start of the semester, I successfully lobbied the University to commit to providing more face-to-face teaching, which you can read more about here. In addition, I am working to ensure that teaching remains accessible to vulnerable or commuting students. As a result of this, in Semester B: 

  • Students will see an increase in face-to-face teaching  

  • Rooms that are safe will be returned to full capacity 

  • Auto recording will be reinstated in 120 rooms across both campuses 



Your Student Leaders did an excellent job communicating your?timetabling?concerns at the start of the semester. With their help, I was successful in lobbying?the University to:? 

  • Early release of accurate timetables 

  • Communicate to students the date that timetables for Semester B will be released far in advance  

  • Consider long commutes when timetabling for Semester B, which involves finding the right balance of fewer days on which the student must go to campus but not scheduling too many lectures on a single day.


Ask Herts Hubs

Many of you have reported delays in receiving responses from the Ask Herts email account, as well as a backlog in the issuance of student status letters. Rhiannon and I collaborated closely with that team, and we can now confirm that the backlog has been cleared. 

However, we've been told that many requests for student status letters have been rejected due to incorrect information (for example, an incorrect home address). If your letter has been turned down or you're not sure if your information is correct, please ask one of the staff at the Hubs for help or make an appointment with our Advice and Support centre to ensure there are no further delays.


Start of Term for International Students

The beginning of the semester can be a difficult time for any student, but for someone who has moved to a new country, it can be especially challenging. As a result of your direct feedback from the International Student Experience Issues Forum, I've requested that the University integrate the following into January's Start of Term induction: 

  • Better?signage which would be up for a longer period? 

  • Student ambassadors on the ground to help students get around and giving tours of key buildings/classrooms 

  • All personnel, including academics, should be provided with the necessary information to accurately direct students to the correct department, avoiding delays in resolving their problems. 

  • Workshops on how to manage timetables and use Canvas/Ask Herts

In addition, I have successfully lobbied with the Dean of Students to arrange airport pickups for students arriving during January Intake.



Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you’ve found this useful, and I hope you will continue to share your honest feedback and assist me in improving your experience here at Herts. Follow my work on @hsuvpeducation on Instagram & Twitter and if you have any questions for me, please email at


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