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Elected Officer Semester One Summary

Find out what your Elected Officers have been up to over the first semester

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It’s lights out on the autumn term for your Elected Officers and they’ve officially reached the half-way point of their time in office.


With six months remaining, we wanted to look back at the team’s achievements so far.


  • Rhiannon

  • President

  • #NeverOK launched back in October led by your President, Rhiannon. This campaign started with a focus on gender-based violence with a set of commitments laid out, the Reclaim the Night Vigil, then followed by signing up to #16Pledges. Next steps for Rhiannon and #NeverOk will be looking at the other areas the campaign focuses on, like hate crime and racism, with its sole purpose still being to create a culture change on campus.
  • Another piece of work Rhiannon will be continuing with into the next semester is around Study Needs Agreements. She has already began lobbying for improvements, specifically around how they’re implemented, but there is still more work to be done.
  • Other highlights include: running a Global Lounge event, lobbying to extend tuition fee repayment deadlines, lobbying for the University to adopt a zero-tolerance approach against sexual harassment and misconduct, creating a brand new reporting form called Speak Out, and started to work with our brand new Disabled Students’ Network.


  • Junaid

  • Vice President Activities

  • Welcome was first on the cards and your Vice President Activities, Junaid, had been prepping all summer for the many events and activities that would be coming up supported by Rhiannon, Prosasti and Zara. After Welcome was complete, Junaid’s core focus was on societies and sports. He has supported society events and promotion, gone along to Active Student sessions and sports events to meet teams and students, helped organise and host society committee training, and met with societies in need of support and guidance.
  • As well as all of that, Junaid was the Elected Officer lead for Black History Month, ran a focus group about sport on campus with a focus on disability sports and ran Movember and International Men’s Day events. Currently he is on the planning group for LGBT+ History Month, and his priority for next semester will be de Havilland events.


  • Prosasti

  • Vice President Community

  • A lot of our collaboration work has been led by your Vice President Community, Prosasti. Working with the likes of Uno Bus, U-Living and the UH Estates team, a lot of Prosasti’s work has been behind the scenes.
  • One big project was the return of Herts Empowerment, the online feedback tool for students to use so we could hear their ideas and issues. Prosasti has set it up so no matter what way you’re learning, be it distance, on campus or even part time, there is a way for you to get involved.
  • Her other highlights include: getting more transparency from the University following the independent security review, gaining confirmation from Uno that they will look into an online complaint mechanism and up-to-date online bus timetable, the start of a sustainability tip Instagram series with the UH Health Safety and Sustainability team, starting work on period poverty, starting the conversations about the Todd Building bus shelter, and working with U-Living on a power-down campaign in halls.


  • Zara

  • Vice President Education

  • Headed up by your Vice President Education, Zara, Earn Your Degree was introduced to help educate students on what academic misconduct is and how to avoid doing it. Along with Earn Your Degree, one of Zara’s main focuses was timetables. Every year we hear students having issues with timetables and it is a key campaigning point for teams. Zara managed to get a big win after there were calls from students for change. She got three confirmed commitments which covered some of the main concern’s currently faced by students.
  • Zara has also been prominent in supporting all the SCOs and reps, as well as hosting our first in person rep conference since 2019.
  • Some of Zara’s other highlights are: teaming up with Rhiannon lobbying to clear the Ask Herts status letter backlog, successfully lobbied the Dean of Students to include Semester B airport pick-ups, organising academic societies week, hosted the International Student Issues Forum, been the Elected Officer lead for the Rise Up programme, and started to work with our brand new International Student Network.


If you want to contact the Elected Officers and follow their social accounts, click here. Look out next semester for more updates.


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