Hertfordshire Students' Union President Elections 2017

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Hertfordshire Students’ Union President Elections 2017

Unfortunately we had to delay the announcement of the results in our recent election to the post of President of the Students’ Union.  The Deputy Returning Officer received a complaint prior to the end of Elections related to the expenses of a candidate in the election of President. As part of the Students’ Union Elections Campaigns, candidates running for full-time roles are reimbursed for legitimate campaign expenses up to a maximum of £50. Candidates are explicitly told that they must not exceed their budget of £50. Any breach of this rule can result in disqualification.


The Deputy Returning Officer exercised due diligence in investigating the allegations against the candidate.  Following a lengthy period of deliberation, the Deputy Returning Officer took the difficult decision to disqualify a candidate from this year’s Election for President.  The Deputy Returning Officer decided to delay the announcement of the results of the President Election until the final appeal decision was passed down from NUS. 


The NUS has upheld the Deputy Returning Officer’s decision to exclude the candidate from the Election on the basis that the existence of election materials beyond those declared was confirmed by the evidence supplied.


The results of the President election are therefore as follows:


Shelby Loasby – 963 votes

Nehal Mangrio – 591 votes

RON (Re-open Nominations) – 28 votes


Shelby Loasby is therefore duly elected as President of Hertfordshire Students’ Union 2017-18, effective from 2 June 2017.


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