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Keys to the dream home:

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Looking for your dream room is no mean feat. You’re likely to live here for a year if not more. Therefore, it is important you have the right room and the right house with the right housemates!

  1. Location;

If you are not a fan of waking 6am for a 9am lecture, you should probably get a house close to your campus. Though the most excellent house may have everything you want, if it is impossible to walk/travel to campus, it probably isn’t ideal.

However, finding houses away from your campus might work out cheaper. Consider both. Look into travel links that may help get you to your classes faster and look for houses that fit your criteria in relation to the campus.

The neighbourhood is a key location factor too. Is it noisy? Are there shops nearby? Are the roads well-lit at night? Look around the neighbourhood and see if it is the right place.

2. Look at more than one!

It can be tempting to sign on the dotted line after looking at one property, but it is advised to look at other places too. Other places may offer additional things that other houses don’t, so it is best to weigh up all options.

3. Is the property within budget?

As students, budgeting is one of the struggles. It is very tempting to eat at Nandos every day. Living off-campus may prove cheaper, or more expensive. It is best to find a house where each of the housemates can afford it.

4. Damp

Damp may be a common issue for properties. If left untreated, it can cause serious health problems and may damage clothes and belongings. When looking around the house, check corners of the rooms for damp patches and watch out for a musky smell. If needed, ask to look behind furniture to examine for damp too.

5. Ask questions to current tenants

No-one knows the property as well as the current tenants that live there. Don’t be scared to ask questions if they are present when you are viewing the property! They have a realistic opinion on the property and may offer more knowledge.

6. Inventory of the house

Not everything you see when viewing a property may be in the inventory, it could be the current tenants own belongings. Confirm the inventory and see what the property offers, and do not base your opinion on what furniture is present!

7. Safety

You’ll be living within the property for around a year, so it is vital that you feel safe within your new environment. Ensure the fire alarms are working and check for fire extinguishers and fire blankets.


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