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The On-Campus Solution to New Year's Resolutions


We're letting you in on all the best tips and tricks for achieving your New Year's resolutions here on campus!


As cliché as it might seem, the new year is the perfect time for a fresh start. Many use this as an opportunity to reflect on themselves and contemplate how they can improve moving forward. Highlighting our flaws or areas of weakness always seems to be relatively easy. Fulfiling New Year's resolutions on the other hand is notoriously tough. Here at Herts SU we know that being a student presents its own challenges. In between studying and socialising, it's hard to find the time to really focus on yourself. While we think you're all fabulous already, we don't want to ignore the range of resolutions that are likely to be considered over the Christmas break by our students. We have therefore come up with a number of ways for you to realistically achieve your goals in 2018. As you can see, we have taken into account the most popular New Year's resolutions and thought about what services we have that can help you on your way...


We can’t all be like Kayla Itsines when it comes to fitness, some of us need more than just some background music and an exercise mat to get us motivated. Lucky for you we have a range of active societies that can indirectly help you shift any additional pounds acquired during the holiday season. You'll be having such a ball that you won't even notice you're breaking a sweat!
Ballroom and Latin Society
Huskis: Ski and Snowboard Society
Pole and Aerial Society
Skating Society
Eating clean will really complement resolution number one. On top of this, uni is a brilliant time to learn to cook or try out new recipes that you don’t normally tuck into at home. If eating healthy is one of your New Year's resolutions, you should get involved with the following societies who can be a source of inspiration for your diet...
Nutrition & Dietetics Society
Vegan/Vegetarian Society
There’s nowhere better to try something new than when at uni. Here on campus we have more than 100 societies available for our students to join. From academic and culutral to music and social, there's something for everyone! Want to branch out a little bit? Why not check out the following:
Baking Society
Drama Society
Motorsport Society
Salsa Society
Skirmish Society
While it’s completely reasonable to feel sorry for ourselves when we’re drowning in assignments and consequently missing Cheeky Wednesday, it’s always important to remember just how hard others have it. We have a number of volunteering opportunities available to our students that allow you to make a difference on a local, national or international scale. Here are just a few…
Allotment Project
The Big Knit
Think Pacific
It’s quite likely that with all the many distractions Christmas brings, your studies may have taken a bit of a backseat over the holidays. Why not fuel your mind in the new year by joining one of our academic societies? Many of our Schools of Study have at least one society associated to it. By joining the relevant one to your course, you might find that little bit of inspiration you need to get the ball rolling again…
Accounting & Finance Society
Business Society
Computer Science Society
Economics Society
Engineering Society
High Altitude Society
Law Society
Marketing Society
Maths Society
Midwifery Society
Nursing Society
Optometry Society
Pharmacology Society
Pharmacy Society
Philosophy Society
Photography Society
Physics Society
Psychology Society
Student Paramedic Society
Teacher Training Society
Unfortunately we can't sponsor a holiday to the Caribbean for you. However, with the amount of cultural societies we have, you can come away from uni feeling like you are well travelled! The University of Hertfordshire is lucky to have a huge number of nationalities here on campus. With so many cultures at your finger tips, it couldn’t be easier to learn about the rest of the world. Here are a handful of the societies that might be of interest to you...
Arab Society
Ghanaian Students Society
Japanese Society
Oriental Society
Polish Society
Sri Lankan Society

We hope you feel like being involved with a society or voluntary project will be of benefit to you in the new year. If you're still unsure, why not pop to our Refresh Fair from 11-4 on Friday 26th January where you can find out more about these on-campus opportunities.


Wishing you all the best and a Happy New Year!


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The On-Campus Solution to New Year's Resolutions

We have all the best tips and tricks for completing your New Year's resolutions here on campus!


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