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Our Support for the Girls Night In Campaign

See how we'll be supporting the Girls Night In campaign at the University of Hertfordshire on Wednesday 3rd November

Statement of Support for the Girls Night In Campaign

The Students' Union is really proud of our new venue and all the work our staff team - the vast majority of whom are students themselves - have put into making it safe. We've spent the last couple of days talking on social media about about some of the measures we've always had in place and some of the new measures we've adopted when it quickly became obvious that enhanced precautions were needed. While it's disappointing that the actions of a few have led to a need for enhanced security, we are happy to do this - and talk about what we're doing - because the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority, always.


We also recognise that, due to recent events in and out of nightclubs up and down the country, many in our community, women in particular, do not feel safe, especially at night. We are seeing this anger shine through the in the Girls Night In initiative.


First and foremost, we are the Union for students at UH, and we stand in absolute solidarity with our students. President of the Students' Union, Rhiannon Ellis, has spoken with members from a number of clubs and societies, who first brought this initiative to our attention. After discussions with representatives from these clubs and societies, we have decided to postpone our event in The Forum on Wednesday 3rd November as a sign of our solidarity.


However, we're hoping that our community will not stay completely in on the night of 3 November. That evening, we will be hosting a vigil in solidarity against gender-based violence and harassment. Students and staff members are invited to take a stand with us at as we gather on the Hutton Lawn, College Lane from 7pm. We echo the views of the women who have come together, from universities across the UK, to use their voices to say they've had enough of feeling unsafe and anxious when out at night. Our Reclaim the Night vigil will give our community the opportunity to say just that. Following the vigil, safe spaces will be provided on each campus for students to socialise should they wish to. Wellbeing packs will also be available for students to take away. Full details for the evening will be shared soon.


As an organisation we will always strive to amplify the student voice. We want to show you that we are with you and that we are committed to making strong, lasting change for the safety of all students.


Please note that we will be issuing everyone who has purchased a ticket for Big Wednesdays: The Krispy Kreme Party a full refund in the next 24 hours. The refund should then be in your account within 3 days.


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