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December's Student Council Wrap-Up

Get the low-down from the second Student Council meeting of the year.

Student Council Wrap-Up

The second Student Council of the year took place last week on the 1st December.

We know that not everyone has the time to read through full reports, so here you can read about all the key moments from the meeting.


Updates from Student Trustees

Student Trustee, Victoria Udeh, gave an update about semester A. The role of the trustee and the focus of the last few meetings have been on student satisfaction for students on campus, making sure they are satisfied with their experience.


Updates from the SU

 Rebecca Hobbs, SU CEO, promoted the Student Academic Satisfaction Survey (SASS). Complete the survey here and pass around to fellow students.

Over semester A, the Advice and Support Centre saw an increase in student referrals and it is reminded that students are always free to reach out to this service with any concerns.

The mask mandate is now back in place (from 1st December). The university has no plans to go into lockdown, but will stay in guidance with whatever the future government guidance is. If you have any worries about mask exemption, please contact disability support here.

Elections are coming up!

HSU Elections Dates: Nominations open: Monday 31st January – 9am.

Nominations close: Monday 14th February – 9am.

Voting period: Week of February 28th (specific dates and times will be confirmed on our website soon).


Elected Officer Updates

Vice-President Education

Last week Zara spoke about updates on her manifesto: timetabling, BAME awarding gap, personal tutoring, international students' professional development, students’ rights.

It has been confirmed that teaching rooms can reach full capacity for face-to-face teaching in Semester B. Commutes have been taken into account, and therefore online sessions will still be offered. Any issues with zoom/teams links experienced by students should be fed back to SCO’s and module leaders.

Student engagement is being followed closely, however there are issues with recording these percentages on canvas, but this is being worked on. Make sure that you are logged into your student accounts on zoom and teams to make sure your attendance and engagement is being recorded accurately.

Late arriving international students will now have trouble fully registering to their course but will received tuition refunds if they can prove they have left the UK.


Vice-President Community

Prosasti next updated about her priorities: sustainability, safety on campus, help us to help you, period poverty.

#HertsEmpowerment is now online and offline! In additional to the physical Herts Empowerment boxes, students can now give feedback, complaints or suggestions.

There has been lots of student feedback regarding issues of buses, this is being relayed to the UNO bus team. Currently, the main cause of these issues are staff shortages or may be related to traffic.


Vice-President Activities

Next, Junaid presented on his updates: reducing student loneliness, more sports for disabled and abled students, helping societies progress and win.

Female only active students’ events can now be found on the HertsSquad page here.

For Semester B, De Havilland events will be a priority alongside making sure that areas outside of study on the campus are developed e.g. vending machines.



Finally, Rhiannon recalled the work she has done since the last meeting, based on her manifesto points: preventing harassment and discrimination on campus, improving the disabled experience, improving the mental health and wellbeing of international experience.

If you think you need a Study Needs Agreement, contact the disability team. Find more information here.

Find information for the Disabled Students' Network here.


A full summary of what was discussed will be posted on our Student Council webpage, so watch this space!


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