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Hertfordshire Students' Union join Student Minds SUs

We're excited to announce that alongside 16 other SUs, we'll be joining the 2021-22 Student Minds SUs cohort!

Proud to be a member of Student Minds SUs 2021/22

Hertfordshire Students’ Union have joined the 2021-22 cohort of Student Minds SUs; a community and development programme designed to empower Students’ Unions to become leaders in mental health. The core of the programme is member SUs having access to the Student Minds “Mentally Healthy SUs Framework”, containing it’s 10 good practice principles which outline how SUs can create a whole-union approach to mental health and wellbeing.

We’re really excited about our membership, not just for what is means for the SU, but also because it shows how highly we are prioritising supporting student and staff mental health and wellbeing at Herts during these challenging times.


What does being a community member involve?

•Access to the Mentally Healthy SUs Framework and it’s 10 good practice principles which outlines how SUs can create a whole-union approach to mental health and wellbeing.

•Access to our digital community to connect with other members and share resources.

•Access for staff and sabbatical officers across the union to our network events which aim to bring together members to share learning, approaches, and good practice around each principle in the Framework.

•Connect with the Student Minds Sector Improvement team to reflect on your progress towards the Mentally Healthy SUs Framework.

•Access to regular briefings and insights from the Student Minds team.

•Opportunities for lead staff to come together regularly to share updates and challenges that you're having and a chance to work with the rest of the community to problem solve and generate ideas.

•Access to bespoke training and support add-ons.


Hertfordshire Students’ Union President, Rhiannon Ellis, was thrilled to find out the news,

"This is such a great opportunity for us. Every year we see that students want us to prioritise mental health and wellbeing. This year I am going to be the Student Minds Sabbatical Officer for Hertfordshire Students’ Union, and I am so excited to be getting involved. We've already achieved so much with Student Minds, from training staff to be Mental Health First Aiders, to utilising the Look After Your Mate training and resources. This is yet another step for us on our Student Minds journey and we're hoping it truly shows just how committed we are to listening to what students want and supporting their needs."


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