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What are meters and how do I use them?

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I suppose we can all agree that keeping an eye on your bills in not as hard as keeping your house clean. But the thought of paying them might be borderline horrifying! 

In halls and some privately rented properties bills are included in the rent. If you are in a property where you have to pay your own bills it is worth keeping an eye on the meter. Because accidently leaving the kitchen light on throughout the night is an absolute NO NO!

Moreover you should really care about carbon footprint and its contribution to climate change. 

But, don’t worry we are here to help.

Here are a few tips from your Student Union’s lettings team, LetSU –


First of all….There are three types of meter: Electronic, Dial and Digital! 

Next step is to take your meter readings. They can be found in hallways, meter cupboards, kitchens and outside the house.

Now you can set up your bills!

You should now choose your utility provider

After choosing your provider, you should now call them and set up an account.



That’s all folks! However, if you need more help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with LetSU!


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