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Your Elected Officers: Wins and Successes

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Over the past three years, your Elected Officers have been celebrated for helping to improve your University experience.  We are proud of their achievements and they are always looking for ways to meet your needs. 

Below are just some of the success stories that our officers have been responsible for!


Wednesday Afternoons FREE from Lectures (Annabel 2016/17)

This was a huge success as it meant that students could represent their AU clubs without being held back on timetabled lectures.  Every student now has the ability to thrive in extra-curricular activities!


Cheaper, Easier and Better Bus Journeys (The Team)

Both the 2014/15 and 2015/16 officers have had a huge impact on bus journeys for you. Some of the results of their work include:

  • The price of the Park and Ride shuttle bus being reduced to 50p after UNO announced they planned to raise the cost to £1.
  • The introduction of the Ask Herts app, thanks to Cynthia this year, meansingthat students are able to see live timetable updates for all of the next buses.
  • More regular Twitter responses regarding service issues.
  • More modern and environmentally friendly buses have also been produced with additions such as USB ports for students, thanks to the work of your President.
  • UNO carrying out a customer care training programme for all employees which has significantly ensured enjoyable commuting for students.

The local county council is cutting funding for bus routes so the Vice President Democracy and Services and President are lobbying to protect routes vital to UH students.


£10,000 extra for Freshers’ Week! (Grainne 16/17)

Did someone say more money for Freshers’ week!? Yes! Thanks to your President, Hertfordshire Students’ Union have invested more money into the biggest week of the year to give you an unforgettable experience! This means more acts, better drinks deals and more fun outdoor activities during the day!


Improved Computing Services (Shelby and Ciara)
Shelby and Ciara have recently lobbied to have all WiFi routers replaced throughout the University to help improve the connectivity. They are continuing to lobby on this to give students higher speed and greater connection across campuses.  This will mean that you won't have to keep logging back in and can stay connected!


University agrees to NOT increase fees! (Grainne 16/17) 
The government have recently wanted to push tuition fees up in line with inflation.  The good news is that the University is not increasing fees for current students thanks to the work of your President! Just another way we are saving you money!


Access to the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Annabel 16/17)

Every year, young people can take part in this unforgettable experience.  By earning yourself this award undertaking fun and challenging activities, it is a fantastic addition to your CV and is valued by employers. 


FREE Printing (Team 16/17) 
Hertfordshire Students’ Union have gone further in relation to the cost of printing. Our officers previously made it possible for students to be given £5 printing credit (VPEW 15/16).  Now, free printing is available in our Hutton Hub office on College Lane with plans to introduce one on de Havilland.  Simply download the Aiwip app and you can print off work free at your fingertips!


Fruit and Vegetables in SU Shops (VPDS 15/16 -16/17)   
Thanks to the work of your Vice President of Democracy & Services, both campus shops now sell fruit and vegetables. These healthy snacks will benefit you as students to help you with your studies.


LRC Opening Times at Christmas and Easter (The Team 16/17)

All five elected SU officers helped to make this win happen! We all know that Christmas, like Easter, is a hectic period for all students with a number of assignments and exams to think about. But it is now easier for you to study in a comfortable, student-friendly environment which suits you during one of the busiest times of the year!


Launched Mental Health Awareness Campaign (Ciara 16/17)

Mental health issues among students are on the rise, be that loneliness, depression or other mental health issues. Hertfordshire Students’ Union has worked closely with the University to raise awareness of this issue and that has resulted in a Mental Health Awareness Campaign being launched.


Renamed and Rebranded Trident Media (Shelby 16/17)

The hard work of the Vice President of Communications & Media has made this achievement possible. 


£20,000 extra for Further Weekend and Calendar Activities (Annabel 16/17)

Your elected Vice President of Student Activities has ensured that you can have more fun at the weekends and during the week.  She has made possible trips such as Fright Night at Thorpe Park, the Harry Potter Studio Tour and even the trampoline park Gravity Force in St. Albans!  Every student now has the opportunity to come along to these trips!



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