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On-Campus Sexual Health Clinic Dates This Year!

Did you know that sexual health clinics run weekly from Hertfordshire Students' Union Advice & Support Centre?

There are two locations for our sexual health clinics:

CL = College Lane (Hertfordshire Students' Union Advice & Support Centre, Hutton Hub, College Lane, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9AB)

DH = De Havilland (De Havilland Hertfordshire Students' Union Office, De Havilland Campus, Mosquito Way, Hatfield AL10 9BL)

There are two different types of clinic:

CaSH Clinic: 

A free and confidential clinic run by NHS nurses covering testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections*, HIV testing, contraception*, pregnancy testing, free condoms, emergency contraception and advice and support for contraception and sexual health queries (*Some contraception and STI treatments may require a referral to your local sexual health clinic, but this can be booked for you from the CaSH Clinic). CaSH Clinic runs from 10:00-16:00 on the clinic dates and no appointment booking is necessary, just drop by. 

Herts Aid Clinic:

A free and confidential clinic run by the local charity Herts Aid; providing on-the-spot HIV testing and results. Using finger-prick testing, you get the result in minutes. There is also support for those living with a diagnosis. Free condoms and chlamydia testing is also available. The Herts Aid Clinics run from 10:00-16:00 on the clinic dates and you can either book an appointment (testme@hertsaid.co.uk, 01920 484784) or drop by.

2017-18 Sexual Health Clinic Dates

2nd October 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

9th October 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

16th October 17 - Herts Aid Clinic (CL)

19th October 17 - Herts Aid Clinic (DH)

23rd October 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

30th October 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

6th November 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

13th November 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

20th November 17 - Herts Aid Clinic (CL)

23rd November 17 - Herts Aid Clinic (DH)

27th November 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

4th December 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

11th December 17 - Herts Aid Clinic (CL)

14th December 17 - Herts Aid Clinic (DH)

18th December 17 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

2nd January 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

8th January 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

15th January 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (CL)

18th January 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (DH)

22nd January 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

29th January 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

12th February 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

19th February 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (CL)

22nd February 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (DH)

26th February 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

5th March 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

12th March 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

19th March 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (CL)

22nd March 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (DH)

26th March 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

3rd April 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

9th April 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

16th April 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (CL)

19th April 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (DH)

23rd April 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

30th April 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

8th May 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

14th May 18 - CaSH Clinic (CL)

21st May 18 - Herts Aid Clinic (CL)

If you have any questions about the sexual health clinics, do not hesitate to contact us: advice@hertfordshire.su, 01707 285022.


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