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SU Election - Rules you Should Know

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While campaigning for the upcoming elections can be exciting and fun, there are still rules candidates need to follow. These rules ensure the safety and wellbeing of students, whether they are a voter, candidate or supporter. You can read below a brief overview of the elections rules and regulations.



  • Candidates running for ANY position must ensure they are a current student in good academic and financial standing with the University, in good disciplinary standing with the University and the Union and be in possession of valid right to work in the UK documentation.


  • Candidates must recognise that all positions available are a huge responsibility and will require candidates to lead by example.


Behaviour and Social media

  • Candidates must respect voters and their choice. This means that candidates must ensure they are respecting the students’ personal space and areas (which includes NOT forcing entry into ANY student accommodation) and that the voters are casting their ballot freely without interruption or communication from the candidates and/or their supporters.


  • Candidates must also respect other candidates and their supporters. This means that there should be no unsupported attacks on other candidate’s manifestos or of a personal nature, or defacing another candidate’s campaign verbally, online or written.


Campaigning – Campaigning activity and endorsements, campaign materials, and campaigns expenses


  • Candidates are NOT permitted to assist or physically handle the voter’s technological device, whether this is a tablet or mobile phone, and are not allowed to use their own devices for the purpose of voting.


  • Current sabbatical officers and subcommittees of the Students’ Union, affiliated societies, other SU affiliated student groups, or Athletic Union clubs are not permitted to endorse candidates or use any official website, social media page, mailing list, or general meeting.


  • Candidates are responsible for the behaviour of their supporters and must ensure they also comply with ALL the rules set.


  • Campaigning must only begin and end within the dates and times provided on Hertfordshire Students’ Union website.


  • Candidates can only print materials from the University’s Document Services Department and such materials can only be displayed in designated spaces which can only be altered, moved or removed by the candidates themselves.


  • Candidates must NOT spend any more money than the limit that is set. They must also NOT accept any sponsorship, donations and/or gifts which would increase their budget for their campaign.


Find the full rules and regulations here

If you wish to report a breach to the Elections Rules or have any concerns please contact elections@hertfordshire.su 


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