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5 Little Things to Help the Earth

Since its creation in 1970, Earth Day continues to grow as a worldwide phenomenon, focusing on promoting a sustainable habitat for people and wildlife alike. Earth Day is our reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.


As a student, we know it's not always possible to put the earth first, but we wanted to highlight some small ways you can incorporate sustainable living as a student that can actually save you money!


1. Reduce food waste by taking turns to cook for your house or flat

It not only saves you from buying a bag of carrots and having to eat them all week (or having them sit in the back of the fridge until they’re ultimately binned), it also gives you and your roomies a chance to share meals and spend less time cooking.


2. Invest in reusables

We know that the price of a keep cup or tote bag may feel expensive, but the 20p takeaway coffee cups and 10p bags from the supermarket all add up. Buying reusables is a worthwhile investment, not just for the planet but for your purse too. If you find you forget your reusable cup or bag, maybe try a collapsible cup or a foldable bag that you can attach to your keys.


3. Grow your own plants & veg

Love plants? Like the idea of growing your own veggies? You can do both by being smart with your leftovers! You can grow a new house plant from your avocado pit, plant carrot seeds from carrot tops and grow lettuce & spring onions by putting the leftover root in some water.


4. Utilise apps

There are many apps such as Too Good To Go where you can pay a small amount for a bag of food from small supermarkets and cafes. You can split the cost with your house or course mates and end up spending about £3 for a bag for goodies from Greggs or Costa. Not only are these apps great for cheap meals but they also help to save food waste.


5. Time your Showers

If you are someone who loves to sing in the shower an hourglass timer might be a good way to keep yourself more aware of how long you take to shower. Also being mindful of turning off lights and heating when you aren't around, this helps the environment and your bills.



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