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6 Reasons why your Students’ Union’s Night Club (The Forum) should be your next favourite party spot

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Uni’s about to start back up, and I think we can all agree that socialising and having fun is a massive part of the whole uni experience. Lucky for you, we’ve got an amazing nightclub right here on campus to help all your glorious social life dreams become a reality! So, without further rambling, here are 6 really good reasons why The Forum should be your favourite spot to live your best life and make amazing memories.


  1. We are on campus, so you can stay out for as little or as long as you need to – either way, the journey to and from the club is quick and easy!
  2. Non-drinker? That’s fine too! You can rest assured that you can dance and party while sipping on drinks from our extensive alcohol-free range of drinks.
  3. Your welfare and safety is our priority. We have paramedics every Wednesday and an amazing, friendly security team - some of whom are students as well.
  4. Ever go on a night out and meet people who are amazing, but you’ll probably never see them again? (It hurts, doesn’t it?) Well, the Forum is a great spot to party with likeminded students who'll be about on campus after the night ends, and you can form some awesome – and hopefully long-lasting – friendships.
  5. On a budget? Take advantage of free entry drinks from a £1 every Wednesday and Friday.
  6. Every single penny we make goes back into making your student experience the best it can be in every aspect. So you basically get an amazing night out that contributes to an improved student life - absolutely no Ls here!


P.S. We've still got Freshers Wristbands for sale. You get 8 nights out at the Forum for only £47! Get your wristband now at: bit.ly/HertsFreshers19


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