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8 Way we Represent your Academic Interest

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Here at Hertfordshire Students' Union we want you to have the very best Univerity experience. We lobby the University and conduct research to make sure you are getting what you need from your education. Here are just some of the things we have done for you so far this academic year.
 1. We have reached out to online students to understand their unique experience, and learnt how we can better support them through connecting the online student community and making sure in the future they have a student rep on their online courses.

2. We have been working alongside the Postgraduate Campaigns Officer to focus on groups and understand the current issues Postgraduate students here at Herts are facing, to ensure we can represent them effectively.

3. We launched Speak Week to help the Elected Officers get feedback on their manifesto points, to ensure everything they do is in the best interest of students.

4. Rep Development Week saw 10 sessions from Public Speaking to Effective Campaigning, to help equip Student Reps with the tools to make sure they are effective in their roles and make sure students’ academic interests are represented.


5. A motion passed in Student Council that allowed us to expand the pool of students who can vote at Council, this allows more students to have their say in key proposals at the Students’ Union, making sure we are always working in students best interests.


6. Advice and Support ran 16 SU Study Smart consultations facilitating students to reflect over their current approach to their studies and exploring new ways of learning.


7. In this past semester, 40 SU buddy scheme matches were made, making sure students have support from peers when they need it.

8. 15 Wellbeing Wednesday sessions helped numerous students take time out from their studies to refresh and return to learning re-energised.


For more information on how we represent you and can help you enjoy your time at the Univerity of Hertfordshire click here.


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